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Intolerably Fashionable

I grew up in the 80’s, well when I say I grew up that means I spent th latter 80’s in high school. As well as being the most defining part of my life, it was also a time when I look back with fond memories of not knowing a single person who had a not allergy, was lactose intolerant and I definitely did not know any vegan’s let alone know what one was.

Back in those days we used to eat anything and everything, our restaurant and fast food menus were simple of full of everything that Is now regarded as unhealthy. We used to go out for dinner and not a single person would say, “do you have anything gluten, fat free and vegan”!

Oh how times have changed, we now have packets of peanuts with a warning label stating “contains nuts”, we can menu’s that cater for every type of allergy, intolerance and liking, we have people who will gladly eat a handful of peanut on the condition they are organic, growth in an ethical farm, packed in biodegradable packing and served by a person who has not touched meat beforehand.

I recently went through a patch of being brainwashed into believing I was intolerant to a few things including milk and gluten, I went out of my way to avoid both and for a while I felt pretty good about it. But the interesting thing is that once I reverted to be a normal human being, I felt no different, especially after indulging in a tub of ice cream or a round of heavily buttered toast. In fact, I have never felt better, the stress of eating what I want without reading every ingredient has without question made me a happy person.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are many people who have genuine allergies and I fully respect that, but those who are not allergic but are intolerant I question, surely if you break out in spots, get a rash or become a miserable sneezing preacher after eating butter means you are allergic and not intolerant!

Those with allergies need to pay special attention to what they eat, we all know these allergies can be life threatening. But those will intolerances need to wake up and smell the caffeine free coffee and accept that there is a fine line between being intolerantly fashionable and downright annoying.

As I grow older, I become wiser and my sense of smell becomes stronger, bullshit now smells stronger than it did back in the 80’s!

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