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In the beginning

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

It was like any other day, sat at my desk, eating a donut, staring out of the window and wondering how to pass time when a few clicks on the laptop and @Dubainameshame was created!

Back in the day, yes 2011 seems so long ago, social media was a totally different animal, it was actually a nice place, not full of spam, BOTS or influencers. It was a place for people to share thoughts and chat without having to pretend to be someone they are not nor conform to society’s social media’s expectations.

But Twitter was about to explode, and I do not think many of us knew just how big the explosion would be, and I do not think most of us were ready, least me.

I should have read the terms & conditions on my Twitter ticket in particular the parts covering how I would be exposed to both an amazing bunch of genuine, fun, intelligent people with a great sense of humour but also to the growing number of Twitter Muppets, the ones who use social media as a tool to vent anger, fundamentalist opinions, self-righteous believes and in particular those who pretend to be someone they are not!

Twitter is a dangerous tool that can be easily manipulated to create characters and personalities that only exist in the user’s head, a place where some have multiple accounts that they use to talk to each oblivious to the fact that we know what they are doing. Take me, do those who follow me, who have met me, who think they know me, really know me or anything about me?

What I do for a living, where I originated from, what food I like, who I dislike, my political stance, my taste in music, these snippets of information are not enough for anyone to build a clear picture of who I really am.

So, what if I told you that I grew up very shy, lacked confidence and always struggled with my weight, what if the DNS you think you know is nothing like the Mohamed behind it?

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