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The Star-Spangled Banner

Most of us sat my our TV’s, laptops and phones watching the US election results unravel, we watched as state after state declared the winner, we listened to TV networks making exit predictions while realising we really do not understand how the US electoral count works.

As we watched the US map turn Red, Blue & grey the one thing we expected to hear didn’t happen, and as I write this, we still have no clear 100% confirmed or accepted winner!

What we do have however is one of the most comical fiasco’s in history!

Let us put aside politics, economic strategies, international policies, race relations, health & medical care, let us put aside how the US has the highest number of COVID cases & deaths, let us put all that aside in the same way both the Democrats & Republicans alike have done.

Let us also put aside how the exiting President of United States of America has, with the help of his inept, unexperienced and arrogant family made a farce of what was once regarded as the greatest power in the world. This election has seen a rift develop not only in America but around the world, a rift caused my one orange skinned narcissistic madman.

We have witnessed countries spend millions to hide their slums rather than feed their poor just to appease his visit, the world has demonstrated and we have seen news networks ridiculed and belittled, we saw the birth of fake News!

Many Trump loving lemmings sat back and ignored his rants about building walls, banning foreigners, singling out religions, mocking the poor, disabled, underprivileged and casting his vile racist beliefs down their throats. Let us forget this is the same man who promoted grabbing women’s p##ssies, who spoke and behave inappropriately with his own daughter, and apparently had a fondness of golden showers.

Let us put aside how the President of the United States of America may have secret bank accounts in countries where his family have registered hundreds of multimillion dollar product patents while criticizing that same countries trade policies. Let us ignore the debt he is rumored to have, or alleged links to crime syndicates and global political antagonizes. Let us brush aside his endless lies, cover ups, contradictions and ignorance, and let us not even think about his personal links and promotion of far-right white supremacist groups.

Putting all that aside, let us all walk away remembering….

That a once elected leader can turn into a potential dictator hell bent on causing maximum disruption before he is forced out of office, even when he does leave with his box of sharpies he will continue to brainwash his blind followers that not only is he the true elected president but he was chosen by God to do good in an evil world.

Let us never forget that regardless who eventually will be gifted the poison challis of leading the US, they will always have an agenda that will bring nothing but unrest and unhappiness to the rest of the world.

But most of all, let us never forget that the 2020 Presidential Elections have proven one simple fact…

Democracy is dead, America the land of the free, and the Star-Spangled Banner, killed it!

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